Friday, August 3, 2012

Vacation Hangover

This is the first week back to real life from vacation.
Insert my saddest face ever here.
But really, does everyone feel this depressed when they come back from vacation? Yes? Thought so.
I have the "I would much rather be at the beach or tasting amazing food" blues.
Because....okay, I didn't do much beach laying, honestly. I spent most of my time at the beach in the water. The time spent on the actual beach resulted in a sunburn which has now turned into a tan.
Pretty cool, huh?

I can't imagine how much worse it would be if I had gone to, say, Florida.
Or California.
Or London.
Actually, scratch the London idea. Too much going on there right now.

But still. I got to spend time with my best friend, and got to know my other friend Keeley even better.
She's the sweetest girl in the whole wide world, I'm sure of it.
And she put up with Katy and I for three whole days, so...obviously she's gold as far as friends go.

The only bad part of vacation is that now I have learned of the awesomeness of Beaver Nuggets.
Beaver Nuggets come from Buc-ee's.
Buc-ee's is the mother of all convenient stores.
In fact, I believe I dubbed it "The King of Convenience" in earlier times.
But that was before I tasted Beaver Nuggets.
Now, Buc-ee's is simply, "The Home of Beaver Nuggets".
And until you taste Beaver Nuggets, you cannot possibly understand why I'd devote an entire paragraph to junk food.
And if you have tried them, you will understand. You will nod your head knowingly. You will pity me for only  having half a bag left. You will ignore that I didn't say that I STILL have half a bag. You would understand.
Do you get it? They're awesome.

Okay, so here's the skinny:

Now that I'm back from vacation I am in full speed ahead mode as far as the apartment is concerned.
I spent a nice sized chunk of money yesterday at Target on towels and kitchen gadgets...and bathroom necessities. Like a shower curtain. And rugs. And a soap dispenser.
I've decided on colors for my kitchen and bathroom.
Living room decor TBA.
Happy colors though, is the main focus.
Or calm. I like calm.
In the past, everything has been red. And I do mean everything.

I see a trip to IKEA in my near future. Any takers?
No? K, fine.

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