Thursday, August 16, 2012

Page Views

My fellow bloggers:

Have you ever viewed the stats from your blog views?
It's quite interesting.

For instance: My blog has 7 views from RUSSIA.
I will not rest until 140% of Russia is reading my blog.
That is a joke...and if you don't get it, you aren't a 9gagger.
It's fine.

I also draw a large crowd from, which, after extensive research (me just googling it), I found that is a place to pirate movies. Like still in the theatre.
Figured I'd plug that there for all 8 of my filmhill viewers. HOW DID YOU GET TO MY PAGE FROM THERE?

I find it impressive that I draw a crowd other than my family at ALL, since...I don't promote my blog anywhere.
Not facebook.
Not twitter.
Not even instagram, which I luff.

But really, what I would like to say is that...when looking at the map of where my pageviews are coming from, Alaska is highlighted as views coming from there.
There is no way to tell if they're actually from Alaska, or if my view count is counting them as 'Merica.

But if you ARE from Alaska, and you ARE who I think you are:

We finally meet! Sort of!
Huge fan! Kinda? Okay, actually what it is ... is that... I do an awesome impersonation of you.
When my hair was brown it was uncanny.
I got REALLY good at it during the last election, but seeing as how there's less of a demand for people who talk like you down 'round these here parts, I stopped...and now it's rusty.
Don't get your feelings hurt. It was all in the name of fun.
For us anyway.
For the record, I didn't vote that year.
So, I didn't vote FOR you, nor AGAINST you.
But I was totally rooting for Obama.

Now that I got that out of the way...
I can tell you that it is raining. (Well it was...)
This rain comes as a direct result of me washing my car on Monday.

You're welcome, Wichita Falls.

Still sick.
Tattoo getting better.
Going to visit my grandma and pick up a couch this weekend. :D
So all is well in Anna-land.
Minus the being sick.


  1. Hey there! Found your posting via a google search for FilmHill. Basically, those sites are using backlinks and redirects to your blog. Its a problem most Blogger users have with pageviews. Don't click the links because it just increases the redirects. No one is actually getting sent from that page to your blog. There is a long list of urls that are included in this guess Filmhill is one of them. Most of them like Meendo and Broadway Pink are Porn. Just thought I would share. Love the part about Palin!

    1. Thank you! I did notice Meendo too, and wondered how in the world that happened!