Friday, June 28, 2013

Randomness, because this is 'Murica.

-The Fourth of July is next week! You must know, this is my favorite holiday. Maybe because I love summer? Maybe because I love bright lights and loud noises? Probably because I never grew out of loving to play with firecrackers. It also ranks next to St. Patty’s Day as my favorite holiday to dress up for. I have purchased ‘Murica shorts for the occasion.

-Am I the only one around here who doesn’t like their real smile? I read somewhere that you don’t like how you actually look, because it’s not how you see yourself-since you’re used to seeing the you that you pose for or see in the mirror. That’s deep, man.

-I still like twitter better than facebook.

-Wedding time is a week from tomorrow. Where did the time go? Will I still fit in my dress? Oh, please God, let me fit in my dress and still be able to breathe. No one laugh too hard if it splits up the back, okay? I’ll wear appropriate underwear, promise.

-Oh, Paula Deen. I don’t know what to think about you. But, let’s be honest here-I couldn’t stand to watch her show even before the scandal of her using the n-word. But let me say this: It’s my least favorite word. Nothing gets under my skin faster. Probably that and the f-word (as in the derogatory word for a homosexual man) can be completely gone from the English language as far as I’m concerned. There’s my opinion. These words are holding us back from true equality. Write this down.

-In closing, I don’t have much to say lately, and I’m sorry. I’ll get a blog topic in mind, and then I sit on it for a while, and then I’m all like, “no one will care about this…” but in truth, maybe you do. Keep in mind, also, it’s been a hell of a long month for me. I took a much needed family get away/vacation thing last week and just relaxed, and it was the most uneventful and wonderful weekend out of the month.