Friday, November 30, 2012

Sonic Rant FTW.

Dear Person Who Orders Food at the Drive-Thru at Sonic,

Listen. I get it. You just wanted food for your entire extended family, and you wanted it now. Maybe your mother never taught you to cook. Maybe you have a fear of ovens or microwaves...whatever it is that stopped you from *cooking* for you family. Hey, maybe they just dropped in on you! is pretty much known for.
Maybe it's not even family, maybe it's your night to bring snacks to Little Jimmy's Soccer Team! In which case, we should probably discuss that you need to bring healthy snacks to that kind of thing, but, that is for another day, another letter.

What I'm trying to say one is judging you for ordering that much food.
However, when I'm sitting in the drive-thru behind you, stuck, after ordering only  my Large Diet Dr. Pepper with easy ice and sugar free cherry, I am judging you harshly. 
This is sonic, dude.
There are places to pull in and park for large orders.
It's America's Drive IN not drive THRU.
Maybe I was on my way to work! Maybe I was late picking up my kid! Maybe I was just super thirsty and couldn't even make it up to the window because of your gigantic order.
You can almost expect that this will happen anywhere else but Sonic. You're almost TRICKED into believing that your food will arrive faster at Sonic, because you're not stuck behind people like you at the drive thru.

I am going to give you the benefit of the doubt and believe that maybe this was just a one time thing. Maybe you didn't know you needed that much food-maybe you originally just wanted a drink and then, on impulse, decided to feed your entire extended family. time...remember us behind you.

I'd sure appreciate it.

Lots of Love,


[This post is at the request of my momma, who felt stabby at this situation. I actually prefer my diet dr. peppers plain and simple, with the normal amount of ice.]

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

UPDATED//Not sure if she just GETS me, or just really supportive...

Conversation between Kellie and Myself:

Me: I just really really want some taco pizza.

Kellie: that sounds yummy

Me: It really does and it's, why would my brain even go there?

Kellie: why wouldn't it go there?

Me: Plus it's like. What do you DO in this situation? Really? Do I just WANT taco pizza, until I get it? There's no telling when I could come across a frigging taco pizza.

Kellie: very true!

Me: I'm going to have to order a taco pizza.
 It can't be stopped, or helped.

Kellie: you really need to.
 do it! do it!


I did not order a taco pizza.
While I was on the Mazzios website, my eyeball wandered to a pizza called "The Napoli".
You can imagine my reaction.
Now, imagine my reaction to a pizza with pepperoni AND sausage AND roasted red peppers AND roasted onions.
Now imagine that they brush the crust of that pizza with the same type of mixture that dominos know...the cheesy, garlicky stuff.
Now, imagine that maybe this is why I love Napoli so much. He has the same name as an amazing pizza.

Or, it could be his rugged good looks.

Let's go with both. 

Tuesday, November 20, 2012


"I like nonsense, it wakes up the brain cells. Fantasy is a necessary ingredient in living, It's a way of looking at life through the wrong end of a telescope. Which is what I do, And that enables you to laugh at life's realities."
-Dr Seuss 

That being said, I should probably go ahead and let you know...this post isn't about nonsense. This post is nonsense. That's cool with you, right? 


Thanksgiving is coming, you guys. As if you needed another reminder. 
I went to the store yesterday to get conditioner, and it was already beginning to get insane in there. 
I'm very nervous to do my shopping for food tomorrow. I hope I don't hurt anyone. 
Or myself. 
Or the checker.
Or the old lady in the wheelchair in the parking lot. 
...Maybe I should hire a personal shopper, just for one day. You can do that, right? 

I went to take a picture of my shoes yesterday for instagram and noticed how horridly bruised my legs are. 
Then, I realized that this is indeed not a big deal, because I run into things quite a bit. 
I'm not a Bella Swan grade of clumsy by any means but...I think I run into things so often that I just kind of...keep going on with my life like it didn't happen, and then when my legs are horridly bruised for instagram photos, I'm like HOW IN THE- but then, I realize that...well you get it. 
I could never be a leg model. 
Is there such thing? 

Aiden got his hand smashed in a door at daycare a few weeks ago, and it made one of his fingernails fall off yesterday. It sort of freaked me out. Bad things happening to nails freak me out. It's an issue I'm looking into. 

I check the news everyday for Napoli rumblings. 
The Red Sox and the Yankees are eyeballing him. 
...I may have to quit him. 

Lastly, if you've been following my food blog I sincerely apologize. I haven't posted anything in a while, probably because of the whole Walking Dead obsession. But that's over now. Sniff. 
I have one ready, I just need to actually sit and write it. 
Le Sigh. 

Friday, November 16, 2012

The Happenings On.

Oh, look at that. It's been years since I've blogged.
Not years probably...weeks. Weeks? Yeah.
Let's not be dramatic.

I'm here to report the happenings on.
And let's face it, I have many.

I'm sorry.
I mean, my blog is called, "Vicariously Through Me".
It was even suggested by a friend. Does that mean she wanted to live Vicariously Through Me?
No idea.
Bless her heart. I've probably disappointed her.

Here's what I've been up to:

Work. Self explanatory.

Working out again, finally. (This takes up a lot of my free time, actually.) I've even started running and I'm pretty shocked about how much I love it. Who am I?

Hanging out with my almost-two-year-old. This tests my patience as...he's almost two. But he loves his momma, and he shows it more everyday. And lucky for him, his momma loves him back.

Watching TV. This is the epitome of my boring-ness. My latest obsession is The Walking Dead, but I'm almost caught up to what is showing on TV now, so soon I will have to switch back to Gossip Girl. The Walking Dead surprised me-it tugs at your heart strings. It's not just zombies we're dealing with, y'all. It's people's lives. (I was about to type "Plus, Gossip Girl is so unrealistic" but then I realized that I'm comparing it to a show about zombies, and some people don't think that could happen. May the odds be ever in your favor.) Anyway. The show's awesome. However, it is also gruesome, and therefore cannot be watched during the hours that my child is awake. So this is how I've been spending my time after he goes to bed.
WHOA dream big.

Hanging out with Katrina. I've known Katrina for like...six years. We worked together at Kohl's. We never hung out a LOT, and she's been trying to drag me to do stuff with her since I moved back to Wichita Falls, but the timing never worked out. Then, we decided to start working out together. So now I see her about four days a week on average, depending on what's going on. Of course, that led to other hang out times, which led to me helping her out this weekend.She's very crafty, and has a booth at Hangar Holiday this year. So, that's how I'm spending my weekend. :)

Laughing at people. Facebook provides so much entertainment for me these days. Texas seceding from the Union? Are you kidding me, people? How long until people find something else to complain about? Listen to some John effing Lennon. Let it be. When you're done...Bob Marley. Every little thing is gonna be alright. If it ain't okay, then it ain't over.

Finally...I've been freezing. I do realize I could add more layers, but that's way too easy. I'm kidding. I get to dress way cuter in the winter and that pleases me. But seriously. No one can ever believe how cold I get. I guess it's my nature. Or, I have poor circulation. Whichever.