Wednesday, November 28, 2012

UPDATED//Not sure if she just GETS me, or just really supportive...

Conversation between Kellie and Myself:

Me: I just really really want some taco pizza.

Kellie: that sounds yummy

Me: It really does and it's, why would my brain even go there?

Kellie: why wouldn't it go there?

Me: Plus it's like. What do you DO in this situation? Really? Do I just WANT taco pizza, until I get it? There's no telling when I could come across a frigging taco pizza.

Kellie: very true!

Me: I'm going to have to order a taco pizza.
 It can't be stopped, or helped.

Kellie: you really need to.
 do it! do it!


I did not order a taco pizza.
While I was on the Mazzios website, my eyeball wandered to a pizza called "The Napoli".
You can imagine my reaction.
Now, imagine my reaction to a pizza with pepperoni AND sausage AND roasted red peppers AND roasted onions.
Now imagine that they brush the crust of that pizza with the same type of mixture that dominos know...the cheesy, garlicky stuff.
Now, imagine that maybe this is why I love Napoli so much. He has the same name as an amazing pizza.

Or, it could be his rugged good looks.

Let's go with both. 


  1. When I read this in my feedreader earlier, I thought I was reading a post from the Bloggess. It was only just now, sixteen hours later, that I realized it was you the whole time.

    Taco Pizza does sound like the logical next step in the rise of the KenTacoHuts all over the place. If they add on some fried chicken, the job will be complete.

    1. I don' I don't know what KenTacoHuts are. But. You should know that fried chicken makes this chick gag.

  2. Kentucky Fried Chicken/Taco Bell/Pizza Hut. They were all the rage about ten or so years back.

    Also, you are in the south. You are specifically a SOUTHERN GIRL. How can you speak in such a vile manner about Fried Chicken?

    I'm ashamed.

    1. I vaguely remember this atrocity.

      Also? I realize I'm a SOUTHERN GIRL.'t specifically fried chicken I have an aversion to. I won't go into it, but I probably had a stomach bug AS A COINCIDENCE and I ate fried chicken and...well...anyway.

      Stop being ashamed. Do it.