Tuesday, May 27, 2014

The Nothing

I haven't died, or given up my blog.
I have been busy, doing nothing.
It occurred to me tonight that I could share the nothing I've been doing, though. Maybe it's not nothing to you.
For a while, I watched lots of TV. I watched the entire (latest) series of Doctor Who, which means I had a lot of feels.
I got into Orange is the New Black.
I finished Gossip Girl.
I started working out again.
I got into the chive, and met some awesome people, and some not so awesome people.
I caught up on Grey's Anatomy.
I got Aiden stuck on such movies as "Frozen" and "Tangled".
I made Aiden a playlist of songs from movies he likes to sing in the car. He knows pretty much all the words to "Let it Go".
I moved.
I started a new job, which I love, even after eight months.
I tore through reading the "Divergent" series. I cried.
I read "The Book Thief". I cried more.
I read "#hashtag". No tears there. But, it was my first paperback in a long time, and it quickly took up residence in my purse.
I'm reading "The Fault in Our Stars". I've already had feels.
I'm backing off of social network.
I'm watching what I eat.
I'm enjoying the warm weather.
I'm smiling. I'm checking theBerry.com. I'm eyeing swimsuits.
I'm looking for a new tv series to get into, or letting it find me.
I'm being a homebody.
I'm spending my money on books.
I am loving the small town life.
I am loving where life has brought me, and wondering where I go from here.
I am loving being a mother, more than I ever thought.
I am loving the age of three,  as insane as that sounds.
I am wishing my boy could stay this little forever, while getting excited at all the "Big Boy" things he does.

So, maybe I haven't been doing nothing after all.
What have YOU been up to?