Thursday, August 9, 2012


I tweaked my blog's look a little.

It was quite fun playing, and now I'm satisfied.

Just an update:

This weekend Katy is coming in to town, and we're going out for Linny's birthday. Location TBA.

I am going to attept to re-create The Mosquito Benedict as pictured in my previous blog.

I am also getting another tattoo on Sunday.

Have I mentioned how rough it is transitioning into 5 day weeks?
So worth it, though.
Vacations should be mandatory.

Another part of my Vacation Hangover is that Keeley, Katy, and I have an ongoing group text where basically we tell each other how much we miss everyone and how much we want to move to Galveston.

Enough about the vacation. I promise.

Now, you'll have to listen (read?) about the apartment.
For approximately four more weeks. And then I will leave you alone about it. Scouts honor.
If we were in England, it would be "Scouts Honour".
Do they have the scouts?
I guess my point was, they put random U's in words.
I have a friend who's parents are British...or maybe just one. I don't know. Anyway, he used to always text things about flavour, or colour. Did you know that? Little bit of trivia.
Also, realize is spelled "realise". So. If someone misspells it, just assume they are British and move on with your life.
Unless he is just really a terrible speller and is pulling the British card because he knows I don't know any better.
Little did he know, I'd turn around and try to drop the knowledge on my poor blog readers.

WOW, I can get off topic.
I would be a terrible teacher.
But a class favourite.
Did you catch my extra u?
If you did, you get a cookie for attention to detail.

I have TWO bridal showers to attend in two weeks. TWO. As in one Saturday, and one Sunday.
Please say a little prayer for me.
Or happy thoughts.
Or xanax.

For my foodie friends, you should know that I finally made some risotto last night.
And I had never had it. Never.
And you know what?
I don't know if I did it right or not...since I've never had it.
But it was pretty damn good.

I think that's all for now. Nothing else too exciting is going on.


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