Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Vacation Pictures. :)

This is Beach, Day one. This is from the Seawall. This is beautiful. End of story. (This was actually in response to a text message I got from my mother, asking how the weather was. Bwahahaha.)

This is a black bean burger. I have yet to find another since I've been back. I have not looked, though. Notice my avacado and pico addition to said black bean burger. It was so...so...so good. (This can be found at The Spot in Galveston, TX.)

This is the Galveston Bay. I took this picture from my table at the Cadillac Bar on the Kemah Boardwalk. Kemah Boardwalk is one of the top 10 in 'Merica, and is located on the mainland, about 30-esque miles from Galveston Island.

This is some of a Corona-Rita. If you have not yet experienced one, and you are a fan of Corona and/or Margaritas, this is a must. I should have taken a photo of the drink when it came out, but I was very...thirsty. So. Anyway, if you've never seen one, it's a margarita with a Corona in it. Bottle and all. So, as you're drinking your marg, you get a little Corona.Very tasty. 

Let me tell you about this little beauty. This is from The Mosquito in Galveston, TX. It is called The Mosquito Benedict. It is served on a chive scone, with shrimp, artichokes, asparagus, and mushroom, and of course-poached eggs with hollandaise sauce. Served with your choice of side-I chose roasted potatoes. I cannot say enough about this, at all. Except that it's one of those dishes that you don't care how full you are, you're going to keep eating until it's gone or until they whisk you away. On an ambulance. 

Beach-Day Two. Up close and Personal. SEE MY KNEES?! They were later scraped on the ocean floor when I was trying to attack Katy for putting sand in my drawers. 

This is where we ate Dinner Saturday night. I think it's neat that they have the message board. Also, Congrats to Yousef and Nadia, wherever you are. 


Asparagus. Rice Pilaf. OH, and...Tilapia with Lump Crab meat, Mushrooms, and a white wine Cream Sauce. Thanks. 

This is was my first time eating this. How was it?

You be the judge. 

Lemon Rosemary Martini. Pretty name...strong drink. I poured it out. I'm not man enough for that drink. 

Brunch on Sunday morning. Salmon Filets with...poached eggs and hollandaise. Side of potatoes. Can you tell I was into eggs benadict that weekend? This was at The Sunflower Cafe in Galveston, TX. Three thumbs up! 

We didn't do much else on Sunday, except walk up and down the Strand. Then drove home, where I spent some quality time with...


And there you have it ! Pics from my trip. 

You're welcome.

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