Monday, August 13, 2012


I have been sick more this past year than ever ever ever before.
I'm pretty sure it's due to the fact that my son entered daycare and now carries home every disease introduced in every household in Wichita Falls.
I'm exaggerating.
His daycare is not that big.
I still blame daycare though.

Anyway, I started feeling a bit puny Saturday, but it didn't hit me until approximately 24 minutes before Katy arrived at my hizzie.
So, I took some tylenol and moved on with my life.
Sort of.
Not really.
I'm such a pansy when I'm sick.
So we went ahead and got me some DayQuil while we were out that afternoon.

Katy demands three things every time she visits:
Charming Charlie.

The times she visits are the only times that I do any of those things.
For the most part.
Sometimes I do get a wild hair and decide to venture to Ganache.
Not the point.

Our afternoon consisted of Katy's demands and then Target, and then we got ready for Saturday night.

We are never bored.

Saturday night my cold thing or whatever in the world it is hit me hard.
I hate being sick.
I hate being sick.

Sunday at noon, I went and got my tattoo.
I had an appointment at Artistic Ink, which is by the base.
I had never been to this tattoo place, but my Cowboy friend said that's where he goes we went.
The place is clean.
The place is charming.
The place does not make you fear infection.
These are all very important, in my eyes.

Originally, the tattoo was supposed to go on my neck...on the back...sort of at my hairline.
Once I saw what Brad the Tattoo Artist drew up, I decided that it was too big to be on my neck.
So then I had to decide sort of on the spot where to put this tattoo.
When I mentioned my ribs, Brad the Tattoo Artist sort of made a face, and told me he'd rather put it on my neck.
The ribs hurt.
I know this because...that is where my tattoo ended up.
Brad the Tattoo Artist is awesome, though.
He talked about how Tattoo Artists forget how much tattoos hurt, and as a result sometimes show no mercy.
He knew the guy who did my last tattoo.
We agreed that he is one of the nicest people on planet earth.
He let me know what he was doing while he did it.
These things are good things to know.
A huge thanks to Brad the Tattoo Artist.

Now the worst part is over, and I just have to deal with the stinging pain every time I clean it.
Well worth it, though. I am so happy with it.

I may post a picture in a few days, when it's not And red.

Until then...

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