Thursday, August 30, 2012

2 days!

Ladies, and gents, the moment we have all (and when I say we, I mean me) been waiting for is coming in two days.

Move Day.

I'm signing my lease tomorrow afternoon, and plan on waking up very early on Move Day to ensure that I have had enough caffeine, and that my little movers (Andrea, Scott, Paul, and le Father- if he can come) have breakfast food ready when they arrive at Casa De Gaga e Papaw.

Paul laughs at me for making a big production out of Move Day, but it's not just about moving-it's my last morning to wake up in Casa De Gaga e Papaw.
Yes, I will insist on calling their house this from this point further.
No, I don't find it ridiculous at all, why do you ask?

My mother, Gaga, or Grandma if you're no fun, is going to be hanging out with Aiden all day while the little movers work. She's a champ.

I have been packing little by little all week, but I always procrastinate, so I'm sure that Friday night will be a late night, as I will be getting last minute stuff shoved into boxes. Packing party at Casa de Gaga e Papaw's!

So, that's all that has been going on with me this week...move, move, move, move.
Oh, and getting my new pizza cutter in the mail. That was exciting.
I think it's actually a dough cutter/scraper with the word pizza on it each their own. It will serve many purposes in my new little kitchen. I cannot tell you how long I've been wanting a scraper. Probably ever since I first saw one.

So, to close up the pack/move portion of this chapter in my life, I've composed a list of demands for my new apartment that absolutely are not needed, just wanted, because I'm a woman and can never be satisfied.
And here it is:
1) A kitchen torch. Because you know why.
2) The new Charlie book by Ree Drummond, set to hit stores this fall.
3) $600 total for a pet deposit. C'mon. You want to.
4) A kitten.
5) A visit from the dog whisperer to advise me on how to teach Layla to use a litter box.

See? I'm easy to please.

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