Tuesday, September 4, 2012

We The People

This post is a result of a conversation via email I had with my dear friend Andrea weeks ago regarding politics and how they suck and we're sick of hearing about it, and WHY haven't they come up with a "compromise" party yet?

I never realized until recently how liberally I was raised. It's not just your parent's influence anymore, you learn at an early age about Rosa Parks, and Martin Luther King JR, and the Women's Rights movement. Your teachers drill it into your head that everyone should be treated the same, no matter what their color or sex is. And yet, this battle is still fought, and is no more apparent than election year.
So, I'm a pretty liberal person. Mostly, I mean...I'd say I'm a liberal in my own mind, but I've had Conservative influences. I AM a Texan, after all.

Election year pisses me off. We're getting right down to it, y'all, and I'm getting more irritated by the day.
So irritated, in fact, that I'm blogging about it.

I didn't vote in 2008. It was a combination of not being registered in the county I was living in, but also the fact that I am completely fed up. And not with the candidates, with everyone's bitching.
You read it more and more now, too. You can't avoid it. I learned recently that even the news is either liberal or conservative, so you can't hide from it there either.
And with the way information is over-shared in today's social media, what can you do, except boycott all forms of it until forever? You can't delete someone on facebook for not agreeing with your political stance, no matter how often they post anti-Obama articles. Just like you can't delete them for their terrible grammar. But that's a separate issue.

I will vote this year. I am registered, and I am opinionated, and dammit, I'm going to put it out there.

I will vote, and whatever is going to happen will happen, regardless of what everyone is posting on my facebook and twitter now, and what they will ultimately post after.

We The People, of the United States...will vote someone into office to represent our nation.
We The People, over time, have made it so that no ONE person can make any/all decisions for this whole country. It's called the three branches of government. See also: Checks and Balances.
We will bitch about whoever gets elected. We will fill your newsfeed with hateful statements, because our country allows us to do so. So, we'll use our freedom of speech to gripe about our leader.
We will blame this one person for every single thing that goes wrong while they're in office.
We will over analyze every statement this person ever makes.
We will watch this person's every move, looking for any sign of imperfection.

This, people...is bullshit.

But...that's just my opinion.

End Rant.

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