Tuesday, September 25, 2012

UPDATED//This is going to have to be random.

Ready for a random post?

I have upstairs neighbors, if that is indeed the correct terminology. They walk. They move chairs. They play on their pogo stick. They train to be ninja turtles.
I think.
I have learned to tune them out.
But I would like to note here, for the record, that they become increasingly active right after I put Aiden to bed. And that makes me feel stabby.

I can tell if I'm moving along on schedule by when I hear the neighbor's shower turn on.
This is the only noise I hear from my direct neighbors that I share a wall with.
They are awesome.
Unless it's the upstairs people again.
We'll never know.

It's super odd, but NO ONE has been in 4F since I posted my blog about it.
Did they read my blog and become scared?
Did they move out?
Did they give up?

I put my cardi on inside out today and didn't realize it until I got to work.


I worked out for the first time in for.ev.er on Saturday, and my calves are still sore.
I also got to have lunch with my brother!
I was really productive that day.
Not to mention, I bought a pair of shoes that were originally for the 2nd wedding, but...as it turns out, I may not even be wearing them.
Hopefully they go with a dress or something.

Look, I'm sorry. I don't have anything to write about this week.
Someone asked me why I hadn't blogged, and I explained to them that I really had nothing to write about.
I told them that last week, I started a blog entry comparing binder clips to paper clips. He agreed that I had nothing to write about.
This just won't do. 

One last thing:

I have a cardi, jewelry, and a dress to wear to the 2nd wedding, but no shoes.
I even have an appointment to spend $74 on my hair and makeup for the day of the wedding.
Any chance the bride will let me go barefoot?

4F came back. He/she must have been on vacation.
They probably needed a break from all the parking lot stress.
One can only assume these things.
Either way, I'm a little jealous.

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