Monday, September 10, 2012

I fail at [blogging] life.

I have this super awesome plan for a super awesome saga of events that have unfolded since moving.

But here's the thing: I'm waiting on an end to one saga before I can post it.
That's right...a week and two days into my new apartment, and a saga that started on day one is still not over.
If I know you on a personal level, you probably already know the saga I'm referring to.
It's still very important that I wait until it's over to inform you.
You understand.

Okay. The saga is a post in itself.

Here's what's been going on:

*I still don't have cable. Or internet, for that matter. The internet *should* be hooked up by tomorrow, but who really knows? The good news is, I have the patience of a bald eagle. Are bald eagles patient? Dunno. But it just fits that sentence so well. So.

*Aiden is adjusting. When I first set him down in the new place, he immediately saw the Cars dvd on my tv stand (sofa table-I just recently learned what that is...), then saw his tonka truck, so he was okay. The sleeping thing though? Didn't come easily. He woke up at 7AM both days of the weekend when I first moved in, and then had a shaky time sleeping the rest of the week. We're getting there. We're crossing our fingers with bated breath, or however the saying goes.

*Leftovers are my new best friend. Buying lunchmeat was also unnecessary, though I did enjoy a turkey sammich with some pepperoni's from last week's homemade pizza adventure. With a side of risotto from Saturday. NOM.

*It took me a week to figure out how to open my mailbox. You have to stick your tongue out, lift up your left leg slightly, and face toward the north, all while jiggling and turning the key at the same time. That is all true except for the whole part before the jiggling and turning the key.

*I've been over at le parent's house every day I've been gone. Pretty much. Okay, except two days, I think. Maybe three. Get off my back, I don't know the exact details. The point is, Paul and I are cooking for one (and a half) these days, so we share our meals some days.

*I'm teaching myself to budget money. The key is: don't spend money on anything, ever. See? I'm a quick learner.

*I may or may not be hanging out with a boy, but since I get freaked out about jinxing things, that's all I can possibly tell you at the moment. Unless you demand details. And then I will be forced to tell you. But, it's nothing official at this point, so there's not much to tell. So hush.

*I found the best white (whole wheat) corn tortillas at United. I don't remember the brand, but Paul and I both love them. And I'm not even a corn tortilla kinda gal, normally, but these converted me.

That's all I have for now.

Be good. :)


  1. "I'm teaching myself to budget money. The key is: don't spend money on anything, ever. See? I'm a quick learner."

    Yeah, that lesson was quick for me, too. Applying what I've learned, however... a little more difficult.

    1. It's not working out for me either.
      I need one of those...budget...things.