Monday, July 16, 2012

UPDATED! Do you even know what you're getting yourself into?

This week I want to discuss the awesomeness of Obamacare with you.

But not really, because that subject is touchy as hell, and if you're going to argue with me, I'd rather have my shit straight. Capish?

But actually, what I really wanted to say was...I'm going on vacation July 27th, and I couldn't be more excited.
I have had these details planned for about two months.
I am a planner, after all. It's what we do.
Kemah Boardwalk on Friday.
Galveston on Saturday.
Chillax on Sunday. Preferably while taking a nice, long look at the Galveston Bay.
I have been saving money, even.
And any money left over (if any) can and will be used to buy stuff for my new apartment.

Speaking of which, I keep coming across little things I'm going to need for le apartment.
For example, last night I realized I'd need a microwave.
I'm still fuzzy on the furniture situation.
I know I have a loveseat.
It's just life has become so structured that if I don't have a definite day that something is going to happen (such as furniture availability) I get kinda squirmy and start looking at just purchasing it to avoid the hassle of sitting on the floor.
At least Aiden has his camping chair.
That's not WT, right?
Oh, cool. I don't have a bed.
Someone tell me to chill.

Aiden was sick last week.
In the middle of summer.
I wonder if his body realized he's been in Wichita Falls for a year now, and was literally...sick...of it?
He is half Rosston, after all.

Seriously, someone find me a friggin bed.


I do, in fact, have a bed.
Please, everyone, just chill the eff out.
Oh, it was just me panicking? Alright then.

You know that expression "timing is everything"?
Well, it's 100%ish true. I say ish because - as you know, there's always that one debbie downer who will disagree with me, and now they can't. Ha.

Anyway, I have an awesome seeeeestor/family friend (Andrea) who's getting married in October, so they're getting lots of new shit.
And I'm moving in September.
Anyway, some way or another I will have a bed.
And stuff.

I also found a printable list of stuff you need for any first apartment.
It makes me panic a little.
But not really because everyone keeps telling me not to.

So, here it is. I have my own apartment.
That is getting brand new carpet and tile.
Moving in September 1st.
I have left ample room in my budget for internet, so we can continue having these conversations.

Because I know you'd miss me.

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