Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Not suitable for the mature.

Random thoughts.
Written by Anna.
Published by Anna.
Edited by no one.
Dedicated to anyone who gets all the way through to the end without rolling their eyes and thinking, “Okay, she’s completely lost it this time, y’all haul her to the funny farm.”
Inspired by all the random blogs I read on the internet that make me feel like it’s okay to show you people who I really am, if you don’t already know it by now.

Are y’all still there?

I’ve stopped reading 9gag*, and instead I read insane mommy blogs.
And by insane, I mean moms like me who drink and swear.
Actually, I’m pretty sure that’s the name of one of them…”Moms who drink and swear.”
Google it.
The problem with drinking is that sometimes your kid wants a drink of your beer.
The problem with swearing is obvious…they repeat it.
This has not happened so far.
That’s a total lie. It happened for the first time last night. I laughed until tears came out of my eyeballs.
Last time I laugh at that…promise. For all you momma police out there.
But, in my defense, I had dropped food on the floor. Delicious food.
I wanted that…
I’m still grumpy about it, actually.
Side note: by drinking, I mean I have one beer, for heaven’s sake.
On the week nights.
Don’t get your panties in a bunch.
*9gag refers to, which is a website full of funny and inappropriate photos with captions, aka- memes.
I used to read them while I dried my hair in the morning.
But I’ve taken to showering at night in place of sleeping in the next morning.
It doesn’t matter if you wanted to know that or not, it’s right there. Boom.
I thought we were past adding people you don’t know on facebook? Why do people still do this? Is it rude to ask them if you know them? If you don’t get an answer back, does that mean no? Ugh. Facebook politics.  Add that to the reasons I prefer twitter. It grows every day. The list that is…maybe not twitter. Probably twitter. Hell, I don’t know.
Is biking an adequate form of exercise? I haven’t been to the gym in weeks.
Add instagram to my list of obsessions on the internet.
I looked at an apartment yesterday. How do you know a place is right for you, though? I don’t think in my case I can expect to see the place I’m actually going to live in until like…move in day, because I’m not planning on moving in until September-ish. So I have time to save and collect necessities.
Luckily, I have little scouts out, collecting such things for me, so that when the time comes, I don’t panic about not having an ironing board…even though I have not used an ironing board in years.
It’s okay though. Maybe I’ll start.
Anyway, the point is, it’s scary, but it’s time.

I’ve lived in Wichita Falls for a whole year-officially.
On the 27th, it’ll be a year at my job.
My boss suggested we have cake.
He doesn’t remember that I am taking vacation on that day.

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