Thursday, October 18, 2012

Write, right?

I have been busy.

Last weekend was wedding #1, which went very smoothly.
My handsome child man was in attendance, though he spent most of his time walking around with his Papaw.
Mommy had work to do.
I actually had fun helping, also. I am actually a bit shy, but I enjoyed talking to people.
Most people that know me well smirk when I tell them I'm shy, and insist that I am not.
I am.
Promise you I am.

Wedding #1 being over and done with means Wedding #2 is this weekend.
I got my bridesmaid dress back from the alteration shop.
It's still too big.
I'm going to have to purchase a very padded bra to make it work.
Doesn't matter if you needed to know that at all, what matters is, for the wedding pictures I am going to have this chest larger than what's real, and it will be good for laughs.
Or eye-rolling.
Whatever attitude you choose to have about it.

I'm taking tomorrow off work to fully prepare and not stress out about the little details I need to take care of before I leave town.
Like nails.
And packing.

Also, you know what I've noticed?
Brides are like one day celebs.
They really are.
I would not be able to stand that kind of attention.
I hope my future person is ready for either a SMALL wedding with pizza and beer, or a nice little trip to the JP.

I made something for the couple this weekend.
It's really sweet.
I will wait to post pictures though, in case the bride randomly decides to hunt down my blog and sees it before I'm ready for her to.

So that's it.
That has been my week...worrying about wedding stuff and how to pay for all of it and bills also.
Maybe I'll have something more interesting to say later on. :)


  1. "I am actually a bit shy"

    You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.