Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Smoke Break Blog.

Just to clarify: I don't smoke. But I do take smoke breaks. Mental breaks? Not really a coffee break, as I drink coffee all morning. So...

I'm wearing a hoodie on my legs.

Yesterday I came into work to the sounds of shopvacs. The water heater exploded over the weekend, which lead to the flood of 2012.
It was humid.
And smelly.
And now, there are about 27 fans going, in an effort to dry the place up.
Not to mention the door propped open.
I thought about posting a picture of my hoodie legs, but then you'd have to see my messy office floor and...no one wants that.
Unless you do?

I'm gearing up for my busy, busy next couple of weeks.
This weekend is wedding #1, where I will be in the house party.
Since house party has several definitions, I'll just tell you that in this case it means I'm handing out "Wedding Snap" cards (google it), helping with drinks, and cutting cake.
I mean. Not THE cutting of the cake, but...you get it.
I don't know what I'm going to wear.
I do know what Aiden will wear though. I will have the most handsome date there. :D

My Phillip Phillips Pandora station keeps playing classical music. While soothing, it's...not exactly what I wanted. Ah, on to the next...
She & Him radio will do quite nicely.

I've added slippers to my hooded legs, for whoever is keeping score.

You may be wondering to yourself if I will do this all winter long.
The answer is, "Quite possibly, but who really knows?"
The REAL question is, "Will she still be able to visit the loo?"
Unless of course, you don't know what a loo is.
Google it?
I thought everyone knew what a loo was?
Whatever. Not my problem.
Point is, I've got it covered. Don't worry.

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  1. I used to take smoke breaks. Now I take "Stare at a wall for five minutes" breaks.

    Who the hell doesn't know what a loo is? It's a loo! A LOO! Come on...