Thursday, October 11, 2012

The magic of 11:11.

Does everyone wish on 11:11?
I do.
Every time I see it, that is.
I don't always catch it...I'm a single mom and shit.
Maybe you believe in the 12:34 wish instead?
To each their own.
I'm not here to judge what you wish on, or for for that matter.
That's yo' bidness.

I think 11:11 is magic in several ways. I've been thinking a lot about this a lot recently.
I don't know why you wish on 11:11. I don't know if it means your wish will come true, or what.
What I do know is...11:11 only lasts a minute.
You have to decide, if you don't already know, what your wish is.

I always wait until right at 11:11 to figure out what I will wish for.
Most of the time, my wish surprises me.
A wish will come from somewhere in my crazy brain, and I'll think...
Really? I didn't know I even wanted that...
It's almost like the game with the questions...that one that helps you decide something by making you think quickly, to help you figure out what you really want.

Last night, as I was getting cozy up in my bed (did you read that gangster? It was meant to be gangsta.), I looked at the clock, and noticed the time, 11:11.
I thought to myself...Oh! I wish-...but came up with nothing.
I wished for nothing.
Even with the pressures of 11:11 only being a minute long, I could not come up with anything to wish for.

Does that make me happy? 
Is that what this feels like?
Or have I just matured enough to realize that I have everything I need. And although I want certain things, I'm perfectly satisfied not having them.

And that's a nice feeling.


  1. I believe they call that "enlightenment".

    Or being a totally boring boringpants.

    In all honesty, I think the fact that you couldn't think of anything you wanted, even something superficial enough to be conjured up in that essential moment of time, means you really are content with things.

    And that's something so many people just can't claim.

    You're among the top, Anna. Now wish for me to get a piece of pie. I really want some pie right now.

    1. Cheesecake Pie. Turtle Cheesecake Pie.

      Crust not necessary.

    2. Wishin' hard, man.
      I'd make you one, but I've never made a cheesecake before. THEY SCARE ME.

    3. Just like a status about me getting cheesecake. It'll work. Really.

    4. I MEAN PIE! Like a status about me getting PIE!