Sunday, October 7, 2012

UPDATED//See Anna write.


I'm glad that I got that out of my system.

In the past week, the following has happened:
-I went to a TX Rangers baseball game that got rained out, and I stood in the rain drinking beer with my brother and Kelli...watching it rain. It's not as depressing as it sounds. Promise. Plus, the game was the next day, and it was AWE.SOME.
-The game was on a Sunday night, so I had to stay with my brother in Azle, TX. I woke up early Monday morning to come back to WF and go to work like a responsible adult. My car died on the side of the road. Seven hours and one brand spankin' new alternator later, I finally was on my way home. I did wind up getting the day off though. So it wasn't a total loss. Although, I now owe my older brother a ton. On top of the ton I already owed him, for coming to my rescue 398734 other times before. He's a good brother.
-Aiden got his first stomach virus. All over both of my couches, 8 of my tshirts, my carpet, my bathtub, my bathroom floor, his bed, and also mine. He and I both spent the next day recovering. I cleaned. He got over it. All was good.
-I caught Aiden's stomach thingy. I think. I was sick Friday. That's what had happened. I got thirteen hours of sleep out of the deal though. that was magical.

See? All ended well.

It was cold this weekend. And if you say it wasn't cold, then you don't know me well at ALL. I wore jeans and closed toed shoes. And my hoodie. IT WAS COLD.
And that's all I have to say about that.

A pigeon died today.
In front of my car.
At my apartment.
I don't know if he committed suicide, or if he was pushed.
The jury is still out.
If you have any information that will lead to a pigeon arrest, please call my anonymous tip line.
It will be hard, because I don't have an anonymous tip line.
Good luck with that.


You may or may not notice the change in my blog.
I am no longer "Putting my big girl panties on and moving on with my life."
I am now a single momma in my own little world. really more accurate.
I'm no longer struggling to get my big girl panties on.
They're on.
This part of my life is...keeping them on.
I'm glad we had this talk.


  1. For the right price, I might know something about some fowl play.

    Yeah, I just went there.

    1. All the more suspicious is the fact that the body was removed before Aiden and I arrived home yesterday evening.

      I don't do well under pressure. If the pigeon police come to my door I'm telling them everything I know.

    2. So you're saying you'll sing like a canary? You're a stool pigeon? Is that what you're saying?

      *1920's pinstripe suit shoulder flex thing*

      *Joe Pesci style*