Tuesday, March 19, 2013

A few things:

-I learned today that vinegar is good for a sunburn. It takes the heat out, leaving you with a beautiful tan. I learned this from my 92-year-old coworker/friend, who I was driving home from a Rehabilitation Center. So...if he says it, it must be true.

-I went and played this weekend, and now I can't wake up at all. I was hoping to clean today, butttt......

-Neither myself or Aiden's dad played any kind of sport growing up. So explain to me how the kid is already interested in playing catch? Also, he can distinguish baseballs from footballs. Kid's a winner.

-That being said, he's also two. TWO. Do you know of the "terrible two's"? Wanna babysit?

-It seems like a good idea in theory to cook pasta in the leftover broth from potato soup when the potatoes are gone, but it's really not. I am wanting to experiment more with cooking pasta directly in the sauce (the starch in the pasta thickens the sauce), but the result of this experiment was a VERY filling, starchy, goopy, only-kinda-good mess. Take note of that. When I perfect this, I may add it to the food blog.

-I think I forgot about my food blog. What food blog? Hum.

-Oh, that one. Okay. Well, I do have pictures on my phone for that. Le sigh.

-I picked out a very flattering black (floor length, don't worry) dress for C's hitchin' party. I got it on sale. It is the right color. It does not have to be altered (yet...here's hoping...). I was a winner that day.



  1. Of course he knows a baseball from a football. He's part of the Hix clan....it's a requirement!

    Your black dress is beautiful!!!

  2. You know, this time next year, you could put him in soccer. They run around like crazy then passes out. It's awesome! Plus, that is the cutest age to watch. None of them know anything other than kick the ball.

    1. Not a bad idea! I could get into being a soccer mom fo sho.