Sunday, May 27, 2012

Random on Sunday Morning

I've found that twitter is a little more fun than facebook these days, for the following reasons:
-Twitter doesn't have stock that I know of
-There aren't constant rumors that Twitter will start charging
-I can creep on Mike Napoli
-I don't feel as censored.
-...I can post the random thoughts that go on in my head and not feel weird about it.

This really makes me think of all the facebook crap that's getting on my nerves as well. For example...the fact that you can see all the stuff your friends "Like" or comment on.
The shit they're commenting on or liking may or may not be for my eyes to see.
Also, it brings in this issue of people creating accounts and making stuff like..."'Like' if you're not racist!" or "'Like' if you think this girl that has cancer and is bald is beautiful!"
I mean come on.
I'm not racist. And that girl is gorgeous, and strong. But I'm not going to clog up my friends' news feed about it.
And if only I could get ahold of Zuckerberg...I'd punch him in the stomach.
But not really. That's assault. 
And that's what I have to say about that.

Also, I got a promotion, sort of.
Is it a promotion if you just accept more responsibility?
And go to salary?
So there's that.

My son's daycare lady said she thinks that Aiden may be hitting his terrible 2's early.
...And I'm all. Well hell. That does make sense.
Or, if the 2's are worse, then I am in for it.
Really, he's not that bad. Promise. It's just that, he cries for extended periods when he doesn't get his way, and now SCREAMS. Not like the newborn scream of pain or whatever, it's just frustration or something, I guess. I don't know. I never had a kid before.

I found a gallon sized mason jar at Target. Can't decide if I should buy it or not. What do you do with a gallon sized mason jar?
Besides store kool-aid in it?

I was happy with the American Idol results. Phil Phillips is my homeboy.

That is all for now. Aiden is going to see his daddy today and he's staying'm staying in Sanger. And I need to pack. 

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