Tuesday, May 15, 2012

My Second Mother's Day

Please don't be misled by the title.
It was not my second Mother's Day period. Just my second to be an actual mother.
And get presents.(Although, technically, I got myself a present, and "Aiden" got me a coffee cup. -_-)
But, it was my third that people actually told me "Happy Mother's Day", since I was pregnant the first year.

Anyway, the roommates and I traveled to Sherman, TX to have M-day brunch at my aunt's, and to rescue Ryan's car from the car-fixer-place.
That's their actual name.

Okay, it's not.

And they're a body shop, so if anything mechanically was wrong with the car before, it's still wrong. Which would explain why we found it low on oil, and the battery completely dead.
No joke, y'all.
But we'll call that story Saturday, part 2.

We got to eat MG's, which is a Sherman, TX exclusive.
There was once an MG's in Denton, and I can't decide if they were trying to do the same kind of deal or not, but if they were, they failed miserably, because it's called something else now.
And they served gyros. Not just burgers.

We then traveled to Gander Mountain, where I spent my time chasing after my toddler.
He's just now to this age where I don't have to hold him everywhere we go, (thank you, baby Jesus) and he isn't interested in holding anyone's hand and being lead around, so if the particular place you're going doesn't have a cart, you end up chasing him around everywhere to make sure no one runs into him or he doesn't break anything too horribly expensive or what have you.
Later that day we did the same run around Belk.
I did find some pants before the chase, though.
It was probably for the best, too, since Belk sells Yellowbox shoes, and it's best for my bank account that I don't look too closely at such things.

The next day, I slaved endlessly over Pioneer Woman Cinnamon Rolls.
And when I say slaved, I mean it's really not too hard.
If you're patient.
And it's all worth it.
And I only ever allow myself to have one at a time.
And it's a requirement that I have some kind of breakfast meat with them, preferably bacon.
In fact, the next time I make them, I'm adding crumbled bacon before I cut them up.
Don't judge me. Admit you're jealous.
(I tried this once before, but Penny ate ALL the raw dough off of the counter while they were rising. I haven't said much to her since then.)
My cinnamon rolls inspired my aunt to talk to me about opening a restaurant together.
This would not be a bad thing. We even agreed on the hours of only breakfast and lunch.

No late nights for us! We're day people.

I also went to the Rangers Game that day.
To see my husbAnd.
And the rest of the Rangers.
And I got to see Cruz hit at Grand Slam.
And that. was the coolest thing ever.
And the lady I sat next to me laughed at me for getting over(?)excited about my husbAnd doing so well.
She was no fun at all.

Remind me to look into getting some TX Rangers Toms made.

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