Wednesday, December 28, 2011

by request...

Yes, it's true, I'm alive. And kicking. And blogging, apparently. 

I received a comment from a certain family member about how, in order to have a blog you must post.
Gee, unnamed family member, I've just been so busy!
But here I am, typing away. You're quite welcome. How's your morning?

I saw the last post I had, dated at the end of October and if I was not so tired, I would have giggled.


Deep breaths, everyone.

In truth, not much is new.

I joined a gym in late November. I have recently noticed a difference between end-of-Ocotober me, and the way I look now. It's hard to tell, though. I thought about keeping pictures to show progress, but where would I keep such a thing? Yes, my tired mind just admitted that. I've been told not to weigh myself, and instead to try and notice inches. But I've been too busy to notice even that...what's a girl to do? Anyway...I had a workout buddy at first, but then she had to have surgery, so I was on my own. Somehow, I've managed to still go four times a week. It's hard, sometimes. But then, so is childbirth. So, I figure, why not. But sometimes, my only motivation is pure stubbornness, mixed with habit, and occasional uplifting comments from le Paul.

Did I just write that much about working out? Yes. Yes I did. And you read it. That's the best part.

My life has become quite routine. Work, home, put Aiden to bed, gym, home, relax. I like the stability.

I do find time to read. I finished The Hunger Games trilogy. I'm waiting not-so-patiently on the movie to come out. 

Aiden had his first birthday.
Aiden took his first steps.
He's still not walking like a normal human, we have to trick him into taking steps. But he makes momma so proud. Still teething, as ever. But that's another thing I'm proud of...I talked to someone today about their year old who only has 4 teeth. I have stopped counting Aiden's. I just know when he's teething, because it's the only time he's grumpy, ever. Unless he falls down. That makes him SO MAD.
The doctor said he's perfectly normal as far as growth goes. He had to stop there, but I know what he really wanted to say was, "Well, Aiden is perfectly normal as far as growth goes, but outside of that he towers over all over 1 year olds, to an almost shocking extent. I can't believe he's not in that World Record book, Ms. Vaughan! How on earth did you create such a child??"

Well, Okay, Unnamed Family Member.
I blogged instead of read before bed tonight.
I hope you were entertained.
I would love to go on, but I am quite tired.
Have a lovely day!

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