Friday, October 28, 2011

Maybe lately I'm obsessed with only a few things.

Or, random.

Have been watching the World Series with the family, which has been As you know by now, the Cards won. (Refuse to say that we lost...) Considering living in a state of denial and demanding a World Series Champ Tshirt anyway.

Also, I've been reading more than normal. It's going to make me smarter.

I record Everyday Italian. I'm obsessed with cooking her food. I made sausage and pepper sandwhiches. A.MAY.ZING.

Also, I'm going to experiment with a soup recipe that my whole family is skeptical about .
But they were also skeptical about my crab cakes.

They're throwing my typing off completely.

Mom came home from the hospital today.
If I didn't see her for myself, I'd never believe how good she's doing.
In the back of my mind, I was afraid that Paul was telling me how good she was to make me feel better.
Nope! She says she's sore, but she's good. :)

I married Mike Napoli. Please refer to me as Mrs. Napoli.
Also, please make arrangements to have me a tshirt printed with his number and Mrs. Napoli somewhere.

I'm quite sure that Little Man is teething some more.
Other than that, I have the happiest baby in the world. :D

I will let ya know about my skeptical soup.
As soon as I get these freaking nails off.


  1. I'll be waiting for my front row tickets for 2012 Mrs. Napoli.

    The Soup Skeptic

  2. Giada (we're on a first name basis) has a pesto at Target. Hers is bright green as opposed to the darker green I've seen a Walmart. Think fresh basil instead of dried. It's awesome! You should try it.