Tuesday, January 29, 2013

The Aiden Language, Exposed.

My son’s vocabulary had an explosion.

Before December 14, 2012, I could count the number of words the kid said on both hands. I was honestly worried about it. He wouldn’t say momma. He wouldn’t say daddy. He wouldn’t specify his beverage of choice, other than “juice”, which came out “douche”. That was good for laughs, at first.

On his second birthday, something had happened. He started talking. Maybe not precisely on the second birthday, but definitely around that time. One night, my mother was reading to him, and he randomly started naming off all of the characters in the book (which was, of course, a Cars book).

I’m having so much fun listening to him. I finally understand what people were talking about when they say you understand your own kid more than you would a strange one, because they kind of have their own words for things.

This is especially true in his names for the Cars characters.

But, for your reference, I have provided a full list of the Cars characters, according to Aiden:

“Cup” – Lightning McQueen
“Chow” – Lightning McQueen
“Mars” – Tow Mater
“Do” – Guido
“Sho” – Flo
“Damone” – Ramone
“Bed” – Red
“SaRsh” – Sarge (This is sometimes said in a lower, extremely hilarious voice. R is capital because of the special attention that letter is paid.)
“Kee” – King
“CHICK HICKS!” – Chick Hicks (yep, you guessed it. This is shouted.)
“Doc” – Doc Hudson
“Sah-ee” – Sally
“Eh-more” – Filmore

I’d also like to add that he doesn’t only talk about Cars. But in Aiden’s world, that is a legit list.

Also? “Shit” is Shirt. Just for clarification.

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