Thursday, August 25, 2011

Perhaps this blog is me getting something off my chest...

I just need to say something.
I've been keeping my mouth shut quite a bit lately. For selfish reasons.
(NEVER take talking and eating solid food for granted, btw. Once it's gone, you will CRY.)

I've been thinking about respect.
Mostly respect toward one person in particular.
Or disrespect, rather. 
I'd just like to say...

(Since I can't speak, I can't make a YouTube video, you see?)
Okay, for the record? Two videos. Two songs.
But let's think for a second.
That's no reason to bully her out of her school...
Poor Rebecca's probably like. Shooting this video.
You don't think the thought entered her head that MAYBE the song she was singing wouldn't be featured at the VMA's?
It's no Tiny Dancer. That's for sure.
But you know what? If you get down to the core message of the song, it totally speaks to everyone.
Like you've never had your friends pull up at your house, and some were kicking in the front seat, and sitting in the back seat, and you had major trouble trying to make your mind up about which seat you should take??
...Okay, that's NEVER happened to me. 
.........And who doesn't do a little happy dance on Friday?
OR sing their own little song?
My mom sang us a Friday song when she'd get us up for school. I bet she still remembers it.
Rebecca Black's song was on GLEE. ...Maybe only as a joke. I don't know.

....Anyway. Glad that's off my chest.
You may return to your regularly scheduled programming.

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