Friday, July 22, 2011

Gotta get down on Friday.

As it happens, I only upload blog entries from my iPhone. 
For now. 
So, I can't upload a photo with this entry. 
Therefore, I can't show you the view I have right now. 
So, pretend that I have a picture below. 

[Huge Chocolate Lab with her face right in the camera. She's clearly hogging the bed and clearly won't lay still. ]

This is Penny. She's my mom and Paul's dog. 
Tonight I stayed at Carissa's, since both of us get to wake up and help unload the moving truck. 
I was rewarded with Penny's presence when I arrived. Mom's keeping her here for tonight. 
She was supposed to sleep in "my" room for the night. 
She didn't want to lay still on the bed. She wanted to explore outside the bedroom. 
So, she explored a little and came back. 
I told her I didn't want to accept her pity company. 
She looked at me blankly, then left. 

Tomorrow is move day, complete with coffee and bagels for breakfast. 
What's better? 

Little Man is staying at his dad's overnight. 
I'm glad Carissa needed a grocery shopping buddy. I normally don't know how to function without child. 

Have a fab weekend. 

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